The “Why” Behind Buyers Choosing Modulars

Why do buyers choose modular homes over other housing options? It helps to know “who” is buying modulars. It can lead you to discover the “why” behind selecting a modular build over a stick-built one. So let’s see where the stats/details take us!

“Who” Trusts Modular Home Manufacturers?

Home seekers usually want to become homeowners in their future, right? That seems like a fairly reasonable conclusion (but–of course–everything is up for debate)! Homeowners have specific needs and requirements unique to their present and future dreams and aspirations. What are yours? Here are the needs and desires you might be able to associate with–with most homebuyers and current homeowners. Many homeowners usually:


    • Want to provide themselves a secure home to keep all they value safe
    • Appreciate having equity to fall back on (in case of an emergency.
    • Seek out affordable housing options that work within their budget and allow them the freedom to experience all life has to offer.
    • Enjoy being able to customize their home to fit their needs and desires.Want to have a say in how their home looks on the exterior and the interior


  • Require flexible financing options that give them more opportunities to own their own home
  • Like that modulars are built quickly without unexpected delay
  • Appreciate how affordable modulars are when compared with on-site stick-built structures
  • Understand the need for quality control during home-building and want it applied to their home build
  • Want to be able to add features that will improve the value of their home or improve convenience while living in the home
  • Like the ability to add crawl spaces or basements to their home because of modulars and their design capability
  • Appreciate the energy-efficiency quality manufactured homes and modular homes bring

In summary, modular are typically bought by those who want what’s best for themselves and their loved ones. They appreciate the ability to trust modular home manufacturers to deliver on their promises so that their future is better for them and everyone around them. Modular home buyers are neighbors, friends, and family members who appreciate high-quality solutions for an affordable price. Quality manufactured homes and modular allow everyday people to live full of lives because of their reliability and cost-effectiveness.




“What” Makes Quality Manufactured Homes and Modular Standout. We know the who, now let’s get to the “what” behind what makes modular stand out. Modular home manufacturers have systems in place that ensure modular maintain their high-quality status. Quality manufactured homes and modular homes are also very similar to stick-built homes but with a few key differences. These differences play a pivotal role in the home-buying process. What are they? Here are three differences:


Difference #1

Modulars are factory-built. Factory-builds favor quality and consistency. Respectively, homeowners want to know what is going on behind the scenes. Modular home manufacturers keep you informed and in the design circle to ensure your vision is complete.

Efficiency is one of the most prominent benefits offered when considering modulars as your home solution. Stick-built homes can take months–even years–for completion. Quality manufactured homes and modulars take only weeks to complete. Future homeowners need to build their future sooner rather than later. Modular home manufacturers have the builders, the materials, and the safety protocols readily in place to address your custom vision and your sense of urgency to claim your home now.

Difference #2

Inspectors are on-site throughout the build. What does it take to keep your home functioning at the highest level possible? In truth, the “what” in this situation is a compilation of experienced, diligent people working together to implement stringent safety and regulatory procedures. Not only are modulars built indoors to avoid delays that come from inclement weather, but they are also screened throughout the process by inspectors who know what issues to check for and how to address any challenges that arise.

By comparison, on-site builds can become victim to many uncontrolled scenarios. Progress on buildings can stall due to weather, material delays, and even a lack of expertise at the ready to help ensure the build stays on track with minimal problems. Who can you trust to ensure your home’s success? Quality manufactured homes and modulars have a bevy of on-site activists coming to vouch for your voice.

With modular home manufacturers and their team, you don’t have to fret about your design vision running into snags because you have professionals with the skill and expertise to be the “what” behind your home’s build. You also don’t have to worry about third party inconsistency. Building material and skilled employees are readily available for any mishaps that might occur.

Difference #3

Quality manufactured homes and modulars are lower in cost. It all comes down to expense in the end. No one should have to compromise on their right to a better quality of life because their diligence hasn’t procured a budget that would appeal to the more expensive home manufacturers. It is not necessary to be “house poor” to be able to function in society. Modulars can stack up against their competitors by lowering the price tag in some cases upwards of 15 percent.

What makes them so affordable? A better process in design and management. They keep resources in one place, easily accessible and adaptable to any vision you have for your home. Modular home manufacturers don’t have to outsource to attain the custom finishes you want!

The Final “Why” Behind Modulars

Let’s finish with this. Perhaps the question shouldn’t be “why” should you trust modular home manufacturers, but rather “why not?” There are many reasons why you can trust modulars and their modular home manufacturers. Because of who homeowners are, the why to buying modulars is simple. Most people want affordable, high-quality homes that can adjust to fit their lifestyle–without sacrificing safety, financial security, and custom finishes.

At Baird homes, our quest to provide better value, better homes, and a better quality of living is a necessary one. We see that “who you are” requires the best in housing solutions. Let us show you our best by helping you discover “why” modulars make sense for “who” ever you are!

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