Manufacturer Highlight Series

Have you found yourself wondering about the homes you see at our sales centers? We’re here to tell you about the makers of those homes, or masterminds, shall we say.

Keep reading, and follow along over the next several weeks to learn about all the manufacturers we partner with!

Manufacturer Highlight Series: TownHomes LLC

Check out TownHomes LLC, another manufacturer here at Baird Homes that’s been around for almost two decades!

They are committed to quality and strength. Building homes that last and providing enduring customer service is their priority without breaking your bank account. 

As a family-owned company, like Baird, TownHomes treats customers like members of the family. Each customer is a part of their story and legacy.

TownHomes welcomes you to see what a difference a heavy-built home can make. 

They focus on three areas:
1. Craftsmanship – no one builds homes as strong as they do
2. Quality – Using the best materials and the latest building technology makes the difference.
3. Integrity – Trust is more important than making another dollar

A special note: Baird and TownHomes are partnering to showcase a portfolio of floor plans exclusively available to Baird customers! But if you’re looking to get a home sooner than later and TownHomes sounds like a manufacturer you want to do business with, check out their most popular floor plans:



Are you interested in learning more about TownHomes LLC? Click the link here to go to their webpage and get to know them more!

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