Manufacturer Highlight Series: Skyline

Breaking into the industry in 1966, Skyline opened its doors offering 12’ single wide homes to those on the market. Over the next 56 years, they grew their product one step at a time and evolved to create a home they could be proud of.

Fast forward to the present day, Skyline is regularly recognized as an industry leader in product development and quality of homes, not to mention their state of the art facility. Their high quality product and facility has warranted Skyline receiving awards like “America’s Most Trusted Manufactured Home Builder” from Lifestory Research in 2021 and 2022. 

Skyline prides themselves on their high level of quality and skill, but what sets them apart is their SKYCARE program. Very few manufacturers offer such a turnkey application of home setup, and Skyline is one of the few. The SKYCARE program allows Skyline to serve their customers to the best of their ability by offering a ready move-in service upon inspection completion.

Check out the points below which highlight SKYCARE’S greatest features:

Phase One: The Drywall Process

  • Drywall completion along marriage line
  • All drywall damage from transit repaired
  • Paint completion
  • Marriage line interior doors hung
  • Marriage line trim completed

Phase Two: Factory/Field Installed Flooring

  • Homes with factory installed carpet or field installed flooring, the carpet and/or flooring work is scheduled after the drywall completion.

Finally, Phase Three: SKYCARE Systems Checklist

The SKYCARE Systems Check includes operational checks on water, power, fit and finish, and cleaning of the home. This checklist includes the following:

  • Water line operations check
  • Drain line operations check
  • Electrical operations check
  • Appliance operations check
  • Interior door adjustments
  • Home inspection and repair of all factory manufacturing defects found
  • Notification to dealers of any set up issues found
  • Complete interior cleaning and home ready to move in

The final Systems Check takes place after any and all final carpet and flooring installation has been finished, to ensure nothing will be missed. Items that cannot be fixed at the time of the Systems Check are noted and reported to a SKYCARE Coordinator to be put on a Punch List. The Punch List is then reviewed and handled by Skyline’s Service Technicians in a timely manner to restore the home to its best quality, and ready to be lived in.


Skyline really knows how to make the customer feel special, and like their home is top priority, because it is!

Interested in learning more about Skyline? Check out their website here to learn more.

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