Manufacturer Highlight Series

Have you found yourself wondering about the homes you see at our sales centers? We’re here to tell you about the makers of those homes, or masterminds, shall we say.

Keep reading, and follow along over the next several weeks to learn about all the manufacturers we partner with!

What this facility offers that makes it unique 

Champion Homes is a heavy hitting manufacturer that has an expansive reach. The two Champion factories that work with us at Baird Homes are located in Topeka, Indiana and Lake City, Florida.

Lake City’s factory location is conveniently accessible to I-75 and I-10, which allows Champion to service seven states from that factory alone.

Champion’s versatility in construction makes them competitive in more than just the manufactured home builder field. Champion’s factories range in producing 399 sq.ft. park models to single-section and multi-section manufactured homes.

Champion Homes in Lake City takes safety seriously, which is why their factory takes every precaution to ensure they’re producing a home that can stand up to mother nature’s unforeseen climates. This is why many of their homes are built to a wind code of up to 180 mph.

An interesting fact about Champion’s factories is that they manufacture homes for both communities and retailers.




What Champion prides themselves on as a team and facility

We got in contact with Champion Homes and here’s what they had to say about their facility and their remarkable team: “We build incredible value in each of our product lines, and offer a high level of service before, during, and after the sale. In tandem with Star Fleet Trucking, Inc. shipping and Champion Construction Service, we can offer a true turnkey experience for many of our customers.”


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