2 Important Things to Know About Manufactured & Modular Home Foundations

It’s important to us that your home lasts a lifetime (or several)!

With that mindset, the foundation of a home is the first step to ensuring that it stands the test of time.

Understanding the differences between available foundations is important.

But keep in mind that the types of foundations available to you will depend greatly on your budget and personal preferences based on appearance and longevity.

Check out the explanations below that cover a few of our most common foundation types:

  • Pier Foundation
  • Crawl Spaces

Pier Foundations

Possibly the most common foundation is the pier foundation.

These are larger cement cylinders buried underground, below the frostline and serve as anchors for the home.

The steel frame of the home is attached to these cylinders, ensuring its integrity against wind, storms, and anything else mother nature may throw your way.

One major benefit of this type of foundation is the cost efficiency of the material. 

Pier foundations draw a lot of attention because of their adaptability for the environment that you’re in.

It’s common to spend a pretty penny on excavation costs for making the home site perfectly level.

And while a pier foundation does require a flat surface, excavation won’t eat up too much of your budget, leaving more room for your personal finishing touches on the home.

Crawl Spaces

Second on our list are the crawl space foundations. 

This foundation type boasts poured concrete walls around the perimeter of the home in combination with concrete footers spread evenly through the underside of the home. 

Most manufactured and modular homes can be placed on the same foundation. 

But modular construction is most frequently placed on crawl space foundations.

(If you’re interested in knowing more about the differences between manufactured and modular, check out this blog!)

This provides optimum support and stability and is most beneficial in climates that are prone to high humidity and/or termites.

Most commonly, crawl space foundations are most prominent in areas where conventional site-built home foundations are required.


Our ultimate priority is ensuring that you’re set up for success.

By giving you the most accurate information possible, you’re able to make the most educated decision for your family and specific circumstance. 

We’re ready to get you set up in your dream home from Baird!


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