At Baird Homes, it is part of our duty to inform and prepare our customers of construction concerns during the delivery and installation process to alleviate unexpected problems. We offer essential delivery and installation services that are up to HUD, State and County codes plus additional services that can be all-inclusive.

Baird’s installation packages are up to code for single and multi-section homes. All of our new manufactured and modular homes include delivery by licensed and insured contractors, required foundation system, home setup to code, central air installation (if desired or required), and appliances supplied from the home manufacturer. Customer responsibility includes gathering and maintaining proper permitting through construction, as well as the arrangement for final utility connections.

Modular homes can be on or off the frame, if the customer requests an off-frame modular, your home will arrive on a carrier and must be crane set onto your concrete wall.

Modular Homes

Price on Multi-Section Modular Homes Includes:

Delivery & Home Set
Central Air Installed
Skirting & Steps


Manufactured Single and Double Section Homes

Price on  Units Typically Includes:

Delivery & Home Set

Central Air Installed

Set of Steps for Every Door



Additional Installation Options

(Not Included)


Clay/Sand Pads


Porches and additions

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