Hot Design Trends of 2022 Series

We’ve made it to our final hit trend in 2022 that’s making it big in homes today!

This series was packed full of information and advice on how to make your house feel more like YOUR home.

If you want to learn more about the trends we’ve covered over the past few months, you can find them here.

Without further ado, let’s chat about show-stopping ceilings!

Show-Stopping Ceilings

It’s easy to forget about your ceiling, whether it’s cleaning the cobwebs from the corners or focusing on it from a style perspective.

We’re here to tell you that you can give your home a facelift by changing up your ceiling!

It’s time to start looking at your ceiling like a fifth wall rather than the thing that holds up your ceiling fan.


Tray, Coffered, and Crown Molding

We LOVE a good accent wall, but take it a step further and make it an accent ceiling!

These are the best ways to add architectural dimension to your ceiling.

Maybe you have a lower ceiling but want to give the appearance of some height, tray and coffered options are the perfect addition.

It’s no secret that crown molding has been around for centuries, but the fact that it’s still a trend after all this time speaks volumes about its timeless style.

Texture and Beams

First and foremost, when we say texture, we do not mean those 70s popcorn ceilings that shed if you brush against it.

So what type of textures and patterns are we seeing today?

Take the concept of a fifth wall to a whole new level and use wooden paneling or planks to elongate the room.

If your home has a rustic or farmhouse vibe, add faux beams to incorporate warmth and dimension!  

Or if you’re feeling especially bold, use a fun wallpaper!


Don’t forget that colors can make a massive impact on your walls, and the fifth wall is no exception.

Paint the ceiling a different color from the walls to add a unique element of dimension.

Take it one step further by combining ceiling trends to make a big statement!

Those coffered or tray ceilings we talked about before, paint the inside of the trays to add another level of personalization.

Don’t Forget the Fan

I know we said before that a ceiling isn’t just the thing that holds up your fan, but don’t throw the fan out the window!

You don’t have to sacrifice function for beauty! Keep a ceiling fan, but install one that fits your aesthetic.

Add one with big industrial blades or go rustic with one fashioned after an old windmill.

You won’t be sorry for adding this small touch of style!


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