Custom Modular Homes - Great KitchensDuring a time when the state of the future is difficult to ascertain, factual evidence that supports high-quality home solutions becomes valuable reassurance. What inarguable elements come into play when you are seeking a place to call your own? What do you require to be content? Custom modular homes keep your goals in focus and your vision of home front and center. They allow you to trade-in fantasy for a reality that is much brighter than you may be able to recognize through the current veil of chaotic subterfuge.

Reality Check for Real Property

Modular home manufacturers offer luxury home customization at an affordable price. Custom modular homes use real facts to give future home buyers a solid foundation for their search. Here are a few truths about custom manufactured homes that have helped house seekers get the pertinent info they need to pinpoint their dream home:

  • Modular home manufacturers sell real property (aka) permanent homes.
  • Site-built homes take much longer to build than custom modular homes do.
  • If you want to add design features like basements and crawl spaces, modular home manufacturers can help you.
  • There are modular manufactured home financing options available for people on a stringent budget.
  • If you want a “green” home, custom modular homes are known to be “green” structures.
  • Style savants enjoy all the customizable features modular manufacturers offer them.
  • For those seeking a profitable investment opportunity, custom modular homes are the safe bet. Unlike some housing options available, these homes do not depreciate. Instead, they are beneficial to a seller’s end goal.

If you still aren’t sure if the modular home is right for you, let’s look at some cost factors that give custom manufactured homes the “one-up” over stick-built homes.

Cutting Cost with Custom Modular Homes

Custom Modular Homes - Great Living RoomsThe ability to save money when owning a home can be a defining moment for a new homeowner. Along with the aid that manufactured home financing presents, cutting costs during the building process and after moving in can be monumental. Custom modular homes cut costs by:

  • avoiding the on-site architect fee that is usually between 4 to 12 percent of the construction total cost. Modular home manufacturers give you pre-design options that don’t cost extra.
  • lowering the cost of permits. The accumulation of permit fees for homes built on-site can carry a hefty price tag.
  • minimizing labor costs. Weather is unpredictable. Factory-built home processes are not. Custom modular homes are all about quality assurance. They are created in a controlled environment that protects materials and the entire process from costly chaos.

Modules that Move Markets

Need some more background on what custom modular homes are and can be to you? Modular houses are the hybrid sectional solution for homeowners. They are designed in sections or “modules” and also are recognized by the term “prefabricated.” Custom manufactured homes set on permanent foundations. This pertinent detail carries undeniable weight in the investment world.

How do modular home manufacturers deliver your home to you? Since custom modular homes are pre-assembled, they require trucks or cranes for delivery. Upon arrival, the modular home is placed on its permanent foundation. Will it be a simple delivery? You can ask yourself questions like:

  • How far away (in terms of miles) is the factory from my property?
  • If I live on a private road will that cause unforeseen delivery issues?
  • Are there any obstacles (vehicles, outbuildings, pathways) that could make delivery a challenge?

If you ask the right questions early on, the transport process will be able to fit your needs. Experienced modular home manufacturers may have some great suggestions and ideas to help you save money during transport and time as well.

Lead-Up to Re-Locating Custom Modular Homes

How accessible is your land by road? What cost will be involved in home transport?  Custom modular homes vary in size, style, and layout. The size of a home can determine the transport method.

Custom Modular Homes - Great BedroomsBaird Homes Builds Custom Modular Homes for Buyers and Sellers

If you are looking for manufactured home financing answers, high-quality custom modular homes, commercial building solutions, or a long-term investment opportunity, Baird Homes is your number one resource of information. You need trustworthy factual solutions that will address your needs. Everyone has unique visions of what they need to visualize a brighter future for themselves–and a need to have a hand in designing the solution.

At Baird Homes, our answers to your questions are based on real-life experiences from people who’ve discovered how custom modular homes can transform dreams into realities. We enjoy sharing the evidence that shows custom manufactured homes can create hope and happiness in the lives of our clients. You can control your destiny, and create a brighter future based on facts rather than assumptions! Contact us today and find out for yourself how custom modular homes can create a personal oasis (that’s under your control) in a seemingly out of control world!

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