Floorplan Highlight: Skyline LE5006

Dreaming of a perfect floorplan?

Homes aren’t one size fits all, but sometimes, you come across one that’s pretty close!

The Skyline LE5006 has something for everyone.

Looking for a starter home? Downsizing? Fresh start? 

This floor-plan is the perfect balance between a cozy hideaway and a host’s dream.

The Goldilocks of homes


Coming in at just over 1500 square feet, it’s not too small for hosting, but not so big that it’s overwhelming to maintain. 

With three bedrooms, one of which could be used as an office or den, everyone will have their own space.

A kitchen made for hosting

A hosting paradise, this kitchen island is a DREAM!

Break out the buffet style dinners or pull up the barstools, it’s the perfect space.

Talk about cabinets galore!

You can have all the gadgets to make gourmet meals, and still have a place for them in a cabinet when the day is done.

Front porch for sweet tea sipping


No matter your stage, unwinding at the end of the day is necessary.

Can you picture yourself in a rocking chair, sipping away at your cup of tea or even enjoying dinner in the breeze?

Can’t wait to walk this floorplan? Click here to get the address and stop by this beauty!

At Baird homes, we’re not selling you a house. We’re selling you a home to make your own.

A home where you’ll raise a family or live your glory days. 

Can you imagine living in one of our homes? Because we certainly can!


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