Lack property ownership or looking into a community?


Home only, also called chattel financing, might be the best route for you! Most institutions require a down payment in order to finance home only loans. Chattel financing is mainly for homes that go into a mobile home park or on leased sites such as a relative’s land. On a Chattel loan, the lender will not loan money for wells, septic, etc. because it is not owned land.

Have property awaiting the home of your dreams?

If you own your land, you have the option of conventional land-home packages as well as federally insured loans. Federally insured loans include FHA, VA, and USDA loan programs. These financing programs are mortgages on your land, so additional construction costs such as driveways, porches, carports, walkways, walls, and garages can be included within these programs. The inclusion of these items on your purchase agreement requires these tasks to be completed by a licensed Baird’s subcontractor.

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Still unsure on which financing option best fits you?

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