FAQ Series: What is NOT included in a home from Baird?

What is NOT included when you purchase a home from Baird?

Great question, we’d love to answer!

It’s easy to tell you the highlights of what is included, but what about what is not?

Some may feel misguided when they discover that key elements they thought were included in the home purchase are not included. 

So let’s get into what’s NOT included when purchasing a manufactured or modular home from Baird Homes.

Land Preparation

The first step on the path to living in your dream home from Baird is to prepare the land. 

Our Home Consultants are educated and eager to help you work through the process and piece together all the moving parts. 

Land Clearing

Starting from the ground up, land clearing and prior home removal are not included, but can be added as an a la carte feature to your contract with the Sales Center. If you need those services but do not have a contact, we have plenty of contractors in our arsenal of contacts to outsource the task to.


Permitting and impact fees are also not included when purchasing a home, but as with land clearing, it can be added on for an additional cost. It just depends on variables such as how far into the process we are and the physical location of the lot.

Exterior Home Improvements

While you’re not required to add exterior upgrades or additions, they are available to help build an oasis for you and your family based on your vision!


All homes come standard with white vertical skirting to finish the setup process. You may have the option for upgraded skirting which could look like a continuation of the selected siding of your home, or an accent siding of your choice provided by the manufacturer.


This option is not included in the pricing of a home but is highly recommended. Gutters will protect your newly improved foundation and prolong your investment in a home, especially if you live in an area that gets large amounts of rain or are subject to washouts at the home’s location.


All homes come with steps to enter your home safely. While a backyard deck does not come with your home purchase, if your heart is set on it, you can add it to the contract at the Sales Center.


Also not a requirement (unless the lot location is in a community that requires it) a driveway can nicely finish the look of your new home. Whether a gravel driveway or asphalt, we can make those connections for you!

Interior Improvements

Interior upgrades and customizations for your home are made during the ordering process. 

Customizing your home is an eye-opening experience and helps you realize that you truly are creating a custom home for YOU!

Upgraded Packages

Many homes have upgrade packages to choose from! A Lot Model Home (model showcased at the Sales Center), is usually sold “as is” with no additional customizations for the home’s interior.


Most commonly, appliances are included in the purchase of the home, which includes a dishwasher, refrigerator, and range. If you already own all your appliances, you can opt out of appliances when ordering the home, and that will decrease your final price. It’s important to note that washers and dryers are not included in any of our homes.

It’s our goal to give you all the information you need to make well-informed decisions for you and your family, including letting you know what is NOT included when you purchase a home from Baird.

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